What is a 12 Step CP Group? The most important thing to be clear about is that this is not a 12-step meeting (i.e. AA, Al-anon, OA, NA, SA…). A 12 Step CP group is made up of others in 12-step recovery who practice or want to practice Centering Prayer as an 11th Step practice and it is intended to help deepen our CP practice. It usually consists of a CP period, a 20 – 30 minute period of study related to CP, and sometimes a discussion about the material and the relationship to recovery. Since this is not a 12-step meeting, we are free to discuss CP openly without fear of voicing an “opinion on an outside issue.” Contemplative Outreach (CO) has used this format of small groups for many years to form a spiritual network of support for those practicing CP. Those of us in 12-step recovery also find this to be extremely important in maintaining our 11th step practice and as a way to encourage others or introduce others to the practice. You may add another group to our listing or update a current listing.

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