Spring Spirituality Series
4 Part Series

12 Step Outreach Team 4 Part Spring Spirituality Series
Series Recordings will be posted weekly.

Session One, March 18, 2021
The Human Condition - Steps One and Two
Joelle M from St. Louis

Video begins with Introductions and 20 minute sit.
Fast forward to approximately 32:35 minutes for the
Human Condition Steps One and Two Workshop Presentation.

Session Two, March 25, 2021
12 Step Centering Prayer Introductory Workshop
Joe M from St. Louis & JoAnn S from St. Louis

Video begins with Introductions and consist of 4 conferences. There is a 20 minute Centering Prayer sit after the second conference.

Session Three April 1, 2021
Divine Therapy - Letting Go & Letting God
Jenny A from Carbondale, CO

Video begins with Introduction by Therese W and presentation by Jenny A and contains guided meditation.

Session Four April 8, 2021
The Welcoming Prayer Practice
Dave D from Phoenix, AZ and
Jim M from St. Louis, MO

Video begins with brief intro by Therese W from Phoenix, AZ and then a four-part conference on the Welcoming Prayer Practice by Dave D and Jim M. Short Q & A at the end.

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