Our Stories

12 Step members who practice CenteringPrayer as the
meditation component of their 11th Step share how this daily practice has impacted their recovery. They share their experience, strength and hope.

Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope

Michael C from Minneapolis, MN speaks with some of our members who share how using
the method of Centering Prayer as their 11th Step practice has impacted their lives in recovery.

God is in the Silence

Jenny A shares her story and how
the practice of Centering Prayer has
impacted her recovery.

Embrace the Pain in a New Way

Jim M from St. Louis shares his experience
of Centering Prayer as his 11th Step practice
with Michael C.

God and our True Self are NOT Separate

Michael C from Minneapolis, MN shares with Jenny A how his recovery has been impacted by his Centering Prayer practice.

Surrender Is All

Joelle M shares with Michael C how practicing Centering Prayer has helped her grow Spiritually and and to Let Go and Let God.

Grace in the Face of Grief

Kate S R shares her experience of using Centering Prayer as her 11th Step practice and the impact it has had on her recovery.

I Am Willing To Be Changed

Adam G shares his 11th Step experience of
Centering Prayer as it relates to his recovery.

A Codependent's Recovery - From Head to Heart

Mary L. from St. Paul MN shares her experience
ofpracticing Centering Prayer and how it has
impacted her recovery over the years.

Surrender and Consent

Therese W. from Phoenix, AZ shares her experience, strength and hope as it relates to her recovery using Centering Prayer as her daily 11th Step practice.